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Introduction to Robotics & AI - course by Stepupify Labs

Innovator's Blog


Study Material, Assignments & References

Learn C Coding in 30 Assignments

Online C-Compiler(

C Quiz-Online Test(

C-Interview Questions from ""


x86-64 Assembly Language Programming with Ubuntu (

Assembly Language for beginners (


Introduction to Coding with Python

Python Quizzes (


Learn the Basics of Git in Under 10 Minutes

Git basics

Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud

Resources to learn Git

Git Quiz - Init,Status,Add,Commit


Starting with STM32 Nucleo

STM32(STM32F103C8/Blue Pill Controller) Projects & Tutorials

STM32 step by step(

Programming with STM32 (Donald Norris)

Embedded Gurus

Internet of Things (IOT)

Node MCU Data Logger to Upload Data on Webserver

Other Resources

Computer Glossary(

Computer Architecture Interview Questions (

Computer System Architecture - basics (Neso Academy)

Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) Tutorial

Skills of a Highly Effective Software Testers

Operating System - Video Lectures (Neso Academy)

Control Systems - Video Lectures (Neso Academy)

Projects (Omkar Pathak)


Django Tutorial: The Local Library website(developer.mozilla)

Django - Full Stack Python


Python Django Project Ideas(Data Flair)

Django REST Framework Tutorial(Data Flair)

What is Full Stack Development ?

Front End Development

Learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap ,Javascript,etc.(

Mobile App Development in Android

Build your First Android App in Kotlin with Android Studio(codelab)

Build your First Android App in Java with Android Studio(codelab)

Computer Vision

Beginner's Guide to Computer Vision

Computer Vision Project Ideas(Data Flair)

A Gentle Introduction to Computer Vision(

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