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Stepupify Labs- a Robotics Research Company that works on developing hardware and software solutions to improve the quality of life of rural community.


  • Artificial Intelligence-based computerised
                    electronic device that senses the intrusion of animals, thieves and birds in the farm using day-night camera and sets on a loud siren along with a beam of light to scare
                    the animals and thieves.Simultaneously, it calls/alerts the person on his mobile phone to alert him so that the animals and thieves threatening the crops can
                    be driven away.Applications - Agriculture, Forestry, Wildlife, Surveillance of Industrial Premises,etc.Range- Day: 60-90 m;Night:30-50 m.Alert:Call/SMS/Email
    AI-Driven Farm Surveillance Device
  • Battery powered Heavy Duty Sprayer on wheels
                    to fulfillyour needs right from spraying in the fields, irrigation, sanitisation, mango orchard spraying, etc.
    Heavy Duty Battery Sprayer
  • Battery powered Heavy Duty Brush Cutter
                    for Crop harvesting –Rice, Wheat, etc, Trimming Bushes, Grass Cutting,etc.
    Battery Brush Cutter with trolley attachment
  • Battery Brush Cutter Side Pack
    Battery Brush Cutter Side Pack
  • Battery Brush Cutter on Wheels.Long Battery Backup:6-7 hrs.Comes with essential toolkits & blades
    Battery Brush Cutter on Wheels
  • Multipurpose ELectric Vehicles to satisfy the needs of rural entrepreneurs.Can be customized as per the demand
    Multipurpose Electric Vehicles
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Best Battery Sprayer
Amazing Battery Brush Cutter
Battery Brush Cutter - Paddy harvesting at Nawada, Bihar

Customer feedback-Motihari.Sprayed in 800 trees mango-litchi orchard
Empowering Innovations-Technical Talk at SISTEC,Bhopal

Organized by SISTEC,Bhopal(affliated to RGPV)

Ultimate Litter Raking Machine
AI-Farm Surveillance Device Demonstration at Kajraili, Bhagalpur
Brush Cutter cutting fodder grass
Agricultural Implements @Stepupify Labs

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